Tracy Elner grew up in London, in the 1960s and 70s, inspired by conjuring, chemistry, martial arts and the natural world.

In a career spanning 25 years as a material scientist and a commodities trader, he has travelled to some lesser-known and dangerous parts of the world including the Former Soviet Union during its awkward and dangerous transition to the world of free-market capitalism.

More recently, as a pioneer in the fledgling emissions markets, his real-world expertise of business has been called upon to consult to the renewable energy sector in developing regions.

In his personal life, he finds himself most comfortable with conscious, creative people with whom he can enjoy the mutual sharing of knowledge. He has been practicing and teaching the neijia healing arts for over thirty years and appeared on the TV programme 01 for London in the 1990’s, showing how they can be used to re-balance and energise daily lives. He has also spent a similar number of years striving with dream-work for personal wholeness and wellbeing.