Green Eye  – the next book in the trilogy.

It’s May 2008 and Scott Carty’s environmental fund, Sole Carbon has helped rebuild his life but things suddenly take an alarming turn when the revenues of his investment projects in China’s far western provinces inexplicably dry up and  Lena Isotova, on vacation in Dubai, mysteriously stops returning his calls.

Strained, he’s introduced by Nick Hall to the dazzling Lisa Taylor who claims her Chinese family connections can help and against his better judgment, he travels with her via Hong Kong, to Xinjiang on the borders of Central Asia. There, Lisa presides over her family’s advanced technological empire and entices Carty with her utopian vision to turn the barren Takalaman Dessert green, providing food and reducing emissions. She believes that together they can trigger a global campaign to reverse climate change.

Carty is intrigued but senses an agenda and with the legacy of the free-energy technology still looming, he’s soon battling killers who want his secret. But with Lisa and Lena held captive, he’s suddenly alone in a hostile land with only the guidance of a local and her mentor to help save himself and the lives of both women. Even if he succeeds, powerful mandarins and dark forces are undermining his liberty with the discovery of the funds from Arthur D’albo’s fraud, two years before, having bizarrely resurfaced in an offshore account in Carty’s name.