The Story

About ten years ago the story of Blue Eye filtered into my consciousness as I was sitting on the shores of Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest body of water on the planet. Inspired by sheer immensity and prescient calm, I captured a number of unusual episodes and experiences in my life, and began to weave them into a modern day thriller covering global energy conspiracy and a personal journey of transformation.

Blue Eye delves into the nexus of ancient teachings and emerging consciousness, it romps though a contemporary corporate fraud and energy conspiracy set around Baikal. Blue Eye is a contemporary thriller- cum -parable, cavorting with humour, fear, mystery, love and the tongue-in-cheek questioning of consensus science as well as the business-as-usual paradigm of globalisation.

I am indeed indebted to members of my family and close friends who, on proof reading Blue Eye, asked with some muted trepidation if the events in Blue Eye actually happened and if Scott Carty, its hero is someone I know… or possibly even me!

It’s a well-known fact that a good story tends to be written from experience. I’ve always been fascinated by natural philosophy and the science of the World’s processes. I‘ve also had a passion for the eclectic – conjuring, alchemy, dream analysis and the Taoist healing arts.  Professionally, I’ve worked – at separate times – as a material scientist, a commodities trader and a pioneer in the fledgling emissions markets, and all of these had me travelling to far flung and exotic destinations, including Siberia, where Blue Eye is set.  Nowadays, I mainly focus on the implementation of practical environmental technologies such as solar, wind and hydrogen to lessen the effect of climate change.

Over the years, though, there’s always been one question that’s bugged me: why is it in this modern age are we still so dependent on technologies which haven’t fundamentally changed since the Victorian era.  Since that time there have been significant, game-changing advances in the technology which we use in all areas of life, except that by stark contrast now, in the 21st century, we’re still reliant of fossil fuels and combustion engines for the bulk of our power and transport.

Scott Carty is asking the same questions but he’s blinded by a total belief in his own left-brained rational abilities and the possibility that the free market and emissions derivatives will solve climate change.  But the underlying reality is less noble: Carty is being unwittingly set up by his unscrupulous boss Arthur D’albo as the fall guy in a massive corporate fraud. Luckily, or as destiny may have it Carty’s dreams intervene, and along with the appearance of the enchanting Lena Isotova, he learns the facts.

But is it all too late? Carty’s escaped in to the deep Siberian deep forest around Baikal but has been handed a poison chalice by Lena’s mysterious friends: knowledge of a covert energy technology that could change the economic paradigm we live in, forever. In escaping the clutches of those who want to silence him both in London and Russia he’s forced to place his trust in complete strangers and in his own intuition and so undergoes a transformation. Yet if he can return home there’s the problem of the embezzled millions and worse still, the intelligence agencies seem to understand his fate more clearly than he does.  In the words of one reader, Carty has become a reluctant ‘eco Bond’.

And coming back to the question, if the events in Blue Eye actually happened to someone I know…. well I suggest that you read the book and decide for yourselves. And then read Green Eye, the next in the trilogy!